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We are have kittens!!

 Evita A litter: Ashazen Sawaet Manee and Snowtrees Acamar born 8-24-13 Three females and one male.

 Asrapat f, straight tail, available;  Anong f, tail kink, available;  Atchawa m, straight tail, available; Apsara f, tailtip kink, sold;

Jinda B Litter: Odyssey Laksamee and Odyssey ChanChanohk litter born 11-8-13 in Fort Worth TX.

   2 females


Odyssey V Litter: LukPeir of Odyssey LukPeir of and Preecha Jaarik born 8-25-13. 

Vangcha, Vilamnuat, Vachira, Virat. All sold

Leotie A litter: Odyssey Ratsamee and Snowtres Acamar born 5-27-13 near Chicago

Two males and 3 females. One blue-eyed male with straight tail available

Diversitee A litter: Odyssey JoomJim and Preecha Jaarik born 4-24-13 in Montreal Canada
Amorn and Atsajan
Two females, one odd-eyed, one blue-eyed, both with straight tails. They are gorgeous girls that would like to stay together. They have valuable genetic diversity and are available to a breeding program.

Jinda A Litter:
Odyssey Laksamee and Odyssey Najarak, A litter born 3-10-13 in Fort Worth TX.

One male and two females. available

Odyssey T litter, born December 5, 2012. Sire: Preecha Jaarik, Dam: Odyssey Meesanook

Chai and Sang are both in Connecticut with great-grandfather AkCha

Odyssey S litter, born July 1, 2012. Sire: KwanChai, Dam: Odyssey JoomJIm

Siriwan female, straight tail, available

Odyssey R litter, born January 19, 2012. Sire: KwanChai, Dam: HuaHin Mali

Rattanna, Rakboot, Rinrada, Ratchaburi, Ratsamee, Ram

All sold.


Odyssey P litter, born September 17, 2011.

Pai-Thoon, blue-eyed female, Pawboonthoom, yellow/green-eyed male, Pimohn, blue-eyed female, PuaongMalai, odd-eyed female, booked.

Odyssey O litter, born August 1, 2011.

Name: Ohlarik, Yellow/green-eyed male

Odyssey N litter, born July 22, 2011.

Names: Naiyana, blue eyed female. Najarak, blue-eyed male. Nim, blue-eyed male

Odyssey M litter, Ganitha and JaiDee's 4 baby girls were born June 12, 2011. All 4 grandparents are odd-eyed white.

                                                                                                    Young daddy, Odyssey JaiDee, WW homozygous for Dominant White

Names: Manee (precoius gem) Manorat (dream, hope) Meesanook (to have fun) Mookdahan (Pearl)

Odyssey L litter, Sootsawaat and KawPan's 1 baby boy and 4 baby girls were born June 9, 2011. Three are odd-eyed!

Daddy, KawPan, from Nink in Bangkok.

one week: Lohmsalaadtan(tornado) LamiatLaMai (gentle, soft) Lamkah (priceless) Lektheesoot (smallest), Laksamee (Hindu godess of beauty).

    K litter, born July 15, 2010: Names: KhaoKhan (white tiger) yellow-eyed KwanChai (beloved) odd-eyed.                                

  Both male with tiny palpable tail tip kinks that were not visible at birth, but developed around 3 months of age.

4 months

KhaoKhan (white tiger) yellow-eyed                            KwanChai (beloved) odd-eyed

 KwanChai is a breeding male in the UK.

We have kittens!! Buimem and Akchanohk's 3 babies were born May 16, 2010. 1 girl and 2 boys.

 Names: Jaidee=benevolent, Joomjim=cute, Jengbeng=awsome

                                6 Months    JaiDee and JengBeng (neutered) are available for adoption.

One month, JaiDee ( M blue-eyed straight tail) Joomjim (F odd-eyed kink-tail) Jengbeng (M yellow-eyed kink-tail)


Busaba had a single baby boy November 8. KaTee is his father.

Iyara (boy elephant) is odd-eyed and has a nice straight tail. He is living in his forever home on the east coast.

CheeWa and AkChaNohk's babies born June 23, 2009!


   Heema, sold, GA                                     Hoondee   sold, UK                                         HaoChanohk sold  MN 

Heema (snow)  female             HoonDee (well built) female          HaoChanohk (bold patriarch) male

       blue eyed, tail kink                   yellow-eyed, straight tail                     blue-eyed  slight tail kink

LukPeir and ChanChaNohk's babies born June 22, 2009!

Gamon, neutered,sold Nevada                                Ganitha available

Ganitha's lovely long tail!

  boy-Gamon (heart)odd-eyed, girl-Ganitha (darling)                A black girl and a white boy

Sootsawaat and AkChaNohk's babies born May 14, 2009!

4 months

  Falaep=lightning, sold   France               FanDee= sweet dream, straight tail   sold MN               

Sootsawaat and AkChaNohk's 3 baby girls born Nov 8, 2008!

Below:  Dootsadee (Joyful) Sold UK 5 mos  largest, longest of D-E girls. Wider space between eyes &ears, medium  body

4-2-09 KM girls Doot web2.jpg4-2-09 KM girls Doot web3.jpg4-2-09 KM girls Doot web4.jpg

Below: Deetheesoot (Bliss)    5 mos  narrower head, medium/lithe body, darker pigment on left side of left eye. Slight tail fault.  (sold UK)

4-2-09 KM girls Deethisoot web1.jpg4-2-09 KM girls Deethi web1.jpg4-2-09 KM girls 018.jpg

Below:  Daophrasook (Venus)  5 mos   roundish head, medium body (sold)

4-2-09 KM girls Dauphra web1.jpg4-2-09 KM girls Dauphra web4.jpg4-2-09 KM girls Dauphra web3.jpg

                              Buimem and Jao Phu's babies were born June 29, 2008!

CheeWa                      ChanCha                     ChaWee                                Chalerm

Available, spayed         Sold AZ              Sold  UK                   Sold MN     
ChaWee's tail tip has a slight knot, not visible now.  ChanCha has a slight kink at the very tip of his tail, visible in photo below.

Chalerm's tail ends like a crochet hook.


 female           female odd eyed     male odd eyed         male           23 days           ChaWee        ChanChaNohk

        CheeWa       ChaWee              ChanChaNohk          Chalerm                                  Look at our kinky tails!

              (Life)     (Beautiful Complexion)     (Beloved Patriarch)         (Celebration)

10 days

Three babies are white, and one is a tabby boy                               Tails are getting a little kinky on some

Daddy JaoPhu

Luk Peir and AkChaNohk's 3 babies were born May 4, 2008!

These babies are VERY affectionate and purry.

      BanChaNohk                        Bawrisoot                        BaoJai

boy odd-eyed                      girl blue-eyed                girl yellow-eyed

                                         Sold Hamburg Germany           Sold AZ

Ten days: Fat and very vocal

             BanChaa                         Bawrisoot                        BaoJai

        boy odd-eyed                girl blue-eyed                girl yellow-eyed

Presenting the Khao Manee B litter at 1 week:  more than double their birth weights!

               boy                                         girl                                          girl                                                sparsely coated pink babies

Mama Lulu insisted on giving birth to her babies in my bed. She has 2 girls and a boy.                            Odyssey AkChaNohk  daddy


A litter born 1/19/07

AkChaNohk  stayed in the cattery. Angkhan is at Lesant cattery in Ohio.






White, odd eyes, one blue, one yellow



White, blue eyes