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Welcome to Odyssey

We raise our cats in a busy household with lots of love and attention. Our breeding cats are directly imported from Thailand.


We have Kittens! See kittens page.

There are TICA member Khao Manee breeders in Minnesota, Illinois, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, UK, France, Slovenia and Thailand.

We are now registering and showing our Khao Manee in TICA as a Advanced New Breed and hope to attain full Championship status by September 2015. We have a few kittens available as pets, but are primarily interested in recruiting experienced breeders to help introduce the Khao Manee  to the cat fancy in North America and Europe.

Currently available:

Neuters and Spays:

  Ganitha, fs        Cheewa, fk      Jengbeng, mk        JaiDee, mk               Sooty, fs                 Lamkah, fs             LukPeir, fs               

Whole cats:

    Siriwan, fs          Nayana, fs


Contact Information

Email Janet Poulsen


Four primary cat breeds in Thailand as depicted in Thai postage stamps

           Siamese                        Khao Manee                     Korat                           Burmese